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2/23/2012 – What is EasyApache in cPanel?

Posted by Jamison on 23 02 2012.

In very simple terms, EasyApache is a command line activated script that allows you to update and reconfigure your Apache web server through WHM or SSH. It is also used to update and configure your PHP installation. Before running EasyApache be sure to update your cPanel and WHM configuration.


When you run EasyApache as root, you will be presented with a menu of options that range from beginner to advanced. Just a word of caution, the advanced selections are for experts only and should only be used if you know exactly what you are doing. Most server administrators will use one of the beginner selections as they have most of the needed configurations listed. The next screen will allow you to select any available Apache options you want to select or deselect, and the next screen does the same for any available PHP options.


After you have configured your options exit the script and Apache will recompile. When Apache has finished recompiling it will restart and you should see a message along the lines of httpd started ok. Confirm that your server accounts are functioning normally and you can return to your other functions.


While we have greatly simplified our explanation, of what to expect when running EasyApache, the application itself is very simple to use and will keep allow you to update Apache with relative ease.


One of the features that allow this script to be relatively easy to use, is that you can use the WHM profile to use as a template for building an EasyApache profile. These profiles can be a pre-existing profile, or a custom profile.


To briefly review. EasyApache is an easy way for you to update and configure your existing Apache and PHP installations with those features that you require for your hosting environment.


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