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2/21/2014 – cPanel Matrix: A Reliable Tool for Host Providers

Posted by Jamison on 21 02 2014.

Leaving positive impression is important for every company, including host providers. Among the elements that guarantee positive impression is offering services that clients need. When it comes to offering cPanel, it is best for you to extend a great set of features that will suite specific client profile. For this purposes, cPanel releases a feature matrix to make this goal possible.


What is the Feature Matrix tool?


Feature Matrix is an online guide that lists several sets of cPanel features that you will offer to your client. It is like a checklist where you can inspect the features and select the necessary ones to offer for your client. Keep in mind that being specific with the offered features leave an impression of having customized services needed by your customers.


Features listed on the matrix are considered as the foundational features that every client would have. If it’s your first time to work as a host provider, you’ll know what services to offer with cPanel and WHM instead of staying clueless about it.


What cPanel features found on the list?


The matrix consists of cPanel features categorized according to their function. The first part is composed of Features Overview, a set of information highlighting server’s information summary like disk space, bandwidth, POP3/IMAP accounts, mail client configuration, and many more.


Aside from showing an overview, the matrix tool also has the Database Administration category, which contains database-related programs like MySQL, Postgres and remote database control.


The last parts have Statistics, FTP, Advance Features and Security. By knowing these details, you will have a list of needed features tailored for specific clients.


Information introduction


In addition for setting up foundational cPanel features, having the right and basic features allow users to be familiar with the tasks they can do with cPanel. Although cPanel is only a control panel, most users don’t take time to read manuals, but they will get how the system works by simply learning about the basic features.


Other features found in the matrix


Aside from cPanel, other solutions are also listed down in the matrix like WHM, Reseller features, and CloudLinux. These solutions are also necessary for users working as a reseller or regular website owners. Similarly with cPanel systems, the aforementioned components’ features are also listed on the matrix and will give users the necessary processes for each function.


Customizable matrix


The Feature Matrix is available right on cPanel’s website and can be copied in creating a matrix. But what’s good about this matrix is that it can be customized according to your needs. You can pull out several features and create your own list if necessary. Remember that the purpose of using the matrix is to create a list of features that you want to offer to your clients.


The Feature Matrix is a useful tool for people who are starting as host providers in the industry. No matter how clueless you are about cPanel’s features, you can consult the matrix and study more about what the features do in preparation for offering them to your clients. Leave that impression that makes your brand buzz in the industry.