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2/20/2015 – Does cPanel Support Resin and Other Java Application Servers?

Posted by Jamison on 20 02 2015.

cPanel is essentially a simplified interface for hosting a website. Clients and end users are often given or buy cPanel so they don’t have to continually engage the services of an IT and web expert to keep their website running. The developing team for the website can essentially set you up with a better user interface that lets you control most of the functions and capabilities of your website without needing to open the command console.


With cPanel, you can create databases, manage website files set up email accounts and auto responders for your users and visitors.


While there are other products and services like cPanel, it is the most trusted interface according to its creators—who say that majority of websites made in the USA are controlled through cPanel.


Along with cPanel, WHM or WebHost Manager  gives webhost providers an easier and graphical interface to manage all the accounts on the server. With this software, you can configure Services, Deployment, Control DNS, FTP, accounts, security settings and more.


What are Java Application Servers?


Java Application servers, according to their official page, are web modules that include servlets, and JavaServer Pages. Enterprise JavaBeans are used to manage transactions. Also,  according to the J2EE blueprints the business logic of an application resides in Enterprise JavaBeans – a modular server component providing many features, including declarative transaction management, and improving application scalability.


Some open source popular Java application servers include JBoss AS from JBoss (division of Red Hat), Geronimo from Apache, TomEE from Apache, Resin Java Application Server from Caucho Technology, Blazix from Desiderata Software, Enhydra Server from, and GlassFish from Oracle.


Commercial application servers, on the other hand, include WebLogic Application Server by Oracle, WebSphere Application Server from IBM and the open source JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) by Red Hat.


So does cPAnel and WHM support Resin and other Java Application Servers?


At the moment, the only server that cPanel supports is Tomcat as a Java Application Server, so the answer is no. This is according to the official cPanel website that offers manuals and documentation for all the new software releases and updates.


So what do I do if I want to support Resin or other Java Application Servers on cPanel?


While you cannot have guaranteed updates on your request, cPanel recommends that you do submit a request for addition features through this link.


You’ll be taken to a page where you can submit your request and see other requests that have been submitted. You can take the time to look through the other requests and see if someone else has requested the same function.


You may want to add your voice to the clamor for Resin and other Java applications before asking in a new request.


Remember to check back on the request page regularly so you can add your voice to the requests and join the discussion with the cPanel team to know how and when they’re going to add your requested feature.