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2/20/2014 – cPanel: Raising the Bar for Control Panels

Posted by Jamison on 20 02 2014.

cPanel is undoubtedly one of the esteemed control panel today. Quite a lot of webhosts utilize cPanel in offering their services. There’s also a growing number of website owners who are more comfortable in using the famed system due to its commitment in setting the standard on control panels and their offered solutions.


While cPanel is already famous in the online industry, new online entrepreneurs are unaware of what this control panel does and how it benefits entrepreneurs. The following are the ways on how cPanel sets the standards among control panel options.


Continuous solution improvement


cPanel developers understand that clients’ need change as new technologies become available in the market. New solutions mean updated services that guarantee utmost benefits for users. Its development team continues to update resources to make sure everyone will have a blast in using the control panel. Developers update cPanel versions, APIs and other essential elements that benefit website owners, webhosts, system administrators, and other developers.


Having a set of professionals working on tasks.


The company is big in hiring individuals as employees. It houses a remarkable team of experienced professionals in the field. They work double time in making sure every platform is updated and satisfy customers.


Aside from developers, cPanel also has other staff that work together in attaining its mission in the field. They understand their jobs and do their tasks professionally.


Complete documentations


cPanel understands the importance of documentations for developers working with the control panel. This prompts the company to release documentations whenever changes occur in their solutions. Complete documentations are available as developer resources that have a separate page on its website.


cPanel developers disseminate documentations after they release new cPanel versions online. They will take note changes like new solutions integrated in the program or removed elements. Tweaking might be important for users and knowing these details will let developers know where to start in dealing with the updated version. Troubleshooting documentations are also included in the report for users who are having problems with their cPanel.


Customer service at its finest.


cPanel is proud of taking customer satisfaction to the next level. It has designated customer service team that ensures every inquiry is answered. They are individuals knowledgeable about specific plans and technical issues users might experience. Every detail about the inquiry is described in detail, but in an understandable way for individuals who are not that technically adept.


Other inquiries are also dealt with professionally, which is the main reason why a lot of people stay with cPanel.


Assisting clients along the way


cPanel is known for being a great help, particularly in migrating accounts to cPanel. The migration process is simple, but these experts stay during the migration process to see if the entire account is migrated without hitch.


cPanel undoubtedly raises the standards on control panel. More than just top quality development, the company also makes sure to build strong relationship with their clients. Consider cPanel and experience its offered benefit for entrepreneurs wanting to have an edge in the market.