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2/19/2014 – cPanel: Boosting Your Services

Posted by Jamison on 19 02 2014.

cPanel is already a household name in the online industry. In fact, majority of individuals challenging the online world utilize cPanel as their control panel. However, many individuals are still unaware of how this control panel can actually be a great tool for webhost providers.


UnitedHosting, one of the top hosting companies, created a case study about how cPanel works for their own services. According to UnitedHosting, a solid control panel is crucial in boosting a webhost’s services, ultimately leading its way to success. The company left a solid point in their case study highlighting cPanel’s features that stood out among the rest. The following are some characteristics that made the cPanel their choice.


cPanel’s drive to excellence


The case study cited that UnitedHosting’s team took time and attended the Automation Bootcamp, an annual cPanel-conducted conference and see how the company devotes itself in improving its solutions for customers’ satisfaction. The host provider understands that customer satisfaction boils down to how the system or solution works. To make sure it operates flawlessly, cPanel developers include automation procedures and plugins that website owners will need. Integrating high-end solutions make it possible for everyone to experience modern-day solutions that enhance their services.


Aside from integrating advance technologies, the company also provide updates for its tools with improvements that catch up with the changing demands in the field. Changing demands implies promoting a more cut-throat online business environment. Meeting the demand boosts competitiveness and gaining more clients in the process.


Customer’s support at its finest


Many businesses in different fields stand out through their notable solutions, but tend to forget another vital component to success—customer support. Customer support is not only about answering technical questions or product inquiries. It’s also a client-customer communication portal that leaves an impression whether the service provider cares or not. UnitedHosting saw that cPanel instill to its staff the importance of taking their services to the next level to ensure customer satisfaction. This helps cPanel set a standard for customer service, which makes it an integral component to its success.


Remarkable features that virtually anyone can use


Some website owners are independent and can manage their site on their own. They want to use a solution that works with minimal inquiry from host providers or the control panel support itself. UnitedHosting cited on its case study that cPanel offers a simple system that does not require as much support from professionals. Clients know that waiting for support may take much of their time with all the people consulting about several details. However, cPanel users don’t have to worry about support since tasks can be done themselves. Furthermore, if support is necessary, cPanel guarantees that every inquiry is dealt with fast and save users time.


The result of the study


The outcome is astonishing. UnitedHosting see all the good in cPanel that resulted to migrating all the accounts they manage and start using the famed control panel. The host provider made a valid point about how cPanel can boost webhost’s competitiveness through its service. Other webhosts can also distribute cPanel on their plans to experience this benefit.