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2/19/2013 – Fantastico DeLuxe: A Remarkable Add On Program

Posted by Jamison on 19 02 2013.

Going online is now one of the best options in getting on top of your game. Installing cPanel and WHM on servers already boost efficiency in managing servers as well as websites. However, some cPanel add ons help people promote better efficiency like in the case of Fantastico De Luxe.


Fantastico De Luxe is an add-on that serves as an auto-installer for cPanel-enabled servers. Designed with genius construction, this fantastic add on allows people to install necessary add ons and applications with ease.


Why use Fantastico De Luxe?


Modern age construction allows people to enjoy boosted efficiency on daily operations. This is a requirement in managing websites used for business. To be on top of the game, it allows users to install applications that will boost server efficiency. Several of its features include the following.


PerlDesk and Soholaunch Pro Sitebuilder


PerlDesk is a useful component for individuals who need to be reachable by their clients. They need to provide help desk services and meet their customers’ needs and inquiries. Fantastico installs this program without issues so it becomes immediately useful for clients.


Soholaunch Pro is also another add ons recommended for individuals who are about to start a website. This add on will help users set a website and build them easily. Fantastico includes these add ons as something people can install fast and boost their efficiency.


Multilevel domain integration


One of the good things about cPanel is its ability to integrate different applications that specific clients require. Business owners are different so they need a good set of applications that can be installed in multiple level directories like domains, subdomains and top directory levels. With this add on, users can complete installation procedures regardless of their location within the page.


Easy to use admin panel


Many individuals look for solutions that can be viewed without problems. They need to see everything in an organized overview system. With this add on, users will see all the programs installed for every user. Most of the time, they want to see all their programs in a single page. This makes the whole process faster and even rough audit easier than before.


Email notification


Removal or adding programs need auditing for many users. Some people also need to track them down so Fantastico sets an email notification system each time users install or remove programs. This will inform the admin about these processes for easy tracking.


User page control


User page also lets other users see the programs installed on the system. But since they can be other users, admin can set a protection system that prevent users from proceeding with installation if they use their reseller passwords. Moreover, it sets a warning notification when a user logs in using these accounts.


Fantastico De Luxe still has more offered features that make it live up to its name. With its features, server administrators will find the whole process of management faster and more efficient than before. Check this cPanel add on if you are looking for the best solution possible for your website administration.


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