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2/18/2015 – Virtualizing cPanel Servers on VMWare vSphere 4

Posted by Jamison on 18 02 2015.

Over the years, technology has rapidly progressed. From the very first transistor radios to walkie-talkies or the handheld transceiver and now to mobile computing. Modern communication has gone far from where it started and is even going further. Little did people know that Internet and telephones would someday merge and come altogether into one mobile device. As we all know the frontier of communications and modern day computing lie in mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.


To cope up with today’s trend, web servers are also moving to cloud storage or virtual space. Virtualization has been going on for quite some time and is now getting more and more patronage as the technology in virtualization progressed. Thanks to virtual technology, we now have what we call cloud storage. Cloud storage enables us to get a hold of our files anywhere and at any time without depending on a particular device. All we need is to get a decent Internet connection and viola, all of our files are readily accessible and available at our disposal.


VMWare vSphere 4


VMWare is one of the pioneers when it comes to virtual technology. They are in the forefront of virtual technology and provide some of the best virtual infrastructures in the market. The company was founded in 1998. Today they are offering and continually developing one of the most sophisticated virtual infrastructures in the whole IT world. vSphere is VMware’s flagship virtualization software that manages a large collection of data from different infrastructures such as CPUs, storage devices or servers and networks. The miracle in this software is that it is able to seamlessly and dynamically coordinate with these sources of data and manage them in a virtual sphere wherein users can easily access them whenever necessary.


Benefits of Creating Virtual Servers


Virtual servers are very helpful because they help you save money through saving server space, keeps your data secure, and is very reliable when it comes to data accessibility and responsiveness. Virtual servers running on VMware vSphere 4 are less complex, low cost and deliver fast and flexible response.


If you are using cPanel and would like to install it in a virtual machine, then it would be as easy as if you are installing it in a physical drive. The idea of having your cPanel servers virtualized seems really practical as it will allow you to save space, be more efficient and save money as well.


In previous talks about cPanel’s virtualization capabilities, one of the ideas discussed was about cPanel’s lack of virtualization software available on market. Thus one of the solutions proposed by cPanel is to go to third party software wherein there are a lot available products already. One of the leading companies that provide such a product is VMWare. Aside from VMWare there are other companies like Xen, OnApp and libvirt. It was also advised that, aside from having a great software that works it is also important that you get the right hardware that can handle all the load and still be powerful enough to be efficient.