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2/18/2014 – Applications Supported by cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 18 02 2014.

cPanel, being a leading control panel in the online world, takes compatibility to a different level by supporting a wide array of programs for its users. Whether the professional using cPanel is a website owner or a tech guru developer, the brand ensured they can use their require applications within the system.


Application developers created multitudes of program types for cPanel use alone. Here are some software commonly used by cPanel users.


Auto Installers


Customers want to conveniently install their needed software in one package as much as possible. Auto installers meet this demand by installing every application, plugins and scripts. Despite their main functions, auto installers work seamlessly in setting up these programs.


Auto installers highlight their advantages by allowing users to customize their program line. Web owners and hosts are different and they have specific application requirements. High rated auto installers come with a wide array of program options ready for installation. Users can customize their programs fast and start working on their respective tasks in no time.


Email tools


Being the primary online communication mode, email platforms and accounts become essentials website owners set in their server. cPanel supports multitudes of email tools that make communication simpler, more stable, and with better security.


Tools available include email account setup wizards, server configuration tools, anti-spam solutions, mail archiving, auto-responders, and a lot more. Website owners and hosts have their own trusted email platforms they want to integrate with cPanel. With the number of supported programs, clients will certainly find their top email tool choices and integrate them in their services.


Billing automation


Correct billing is vital for businesses. Consistent inaccurate bills will result to disputes, ultimately prompting clients to bring their business to other service providers. Automated billing promotes accurate data since transactions are automatically billed on through the platform, which ensures bills are correct. Choose from a wide array of automated billing solutions to guarantee clients their bills are correct all the time.




Security is vital for every website and server owner. Malwares lurking within the server can affect its overall performance while endangering vital information a company stores for itself and its clients. cPanel is one with clients in terms of tightening security for their users.


cPanel supports multiple security programs that configure firewall settings, antivirus software, spam protection, and a lot more. Many of these programs are designed by top brands in the industry and they come in a wide array of features that protect vital services within the server.


SEO and Marketing tools


Online business competition often relies on search engine optimization. cPanel developers come up with a long list of SEO and marketing tools that boost market competitiveness. Aside from promoting marketing success, these programs make sure that the whole process is simpler than what they used to.


Applications designed for cPanel work differently. With all the choices available, customers will find the best programs to support their server and website operations. Their details are available at cPanel website or by visiting the programs’ main websites.