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2/13/2015 – Using the cPanel Paper Lantern

Posted by Jamison on 13 02 2015.

Is your cPanel’s interface looking all messy and dated? cPanel has an upcoming theme that can relax your eyes and help you organize your thoughts while you navigate your control panel. It’s a clean and fresh cPanel version—the Paper Lantern Theme.


So What’s In It For You?


A lot actually. The Paper Lantern offers a chic and modern feel to the users. With its fresh and sleek design, this edition indeed shows that simple is beautiful. It also features beautiful icons and tab designs as well as quick links for easy access. Editing a website is so much easier and quicker with the latest version of Paper Lantern as it offers friendly user controls and how-to instructions. So even if you don’t have much knowledge about managing and editing a website, you can now easily do web coding without hiring a pro.


One of the main problems and complaints of users when using cPanel is that the interface makes it hard for them to use it. However, with the new edition of Paper Lantern, this is no longer a problem as the tech geeks focused on making a theme that even someone who does not understand coding can still customize and navigate his website. And lastly, search time is faster than ever before. Thanks to the installation of quick links, you can finish changing your settings or editing your website in no time.


How to Use the Paper Lantern


Before anything else, let’s make it clear to everyone that the latest edition of the Paper Lantern (as of this article) is still on its process of completion. However, cPanel released a demo of this theme so the developers can actually know which changes are effective and which are not. This means that you can see actual changes in the theme as you use it. So how do you exactly use it in the first place?


  1. Request a Paper Lantern theme to your reseller. It should be version 11.42.
  2. Open your WHM account and find Modify an Account tab.
  3. Choose an account you wish to change and then click Modify.
  4. Go to the themes menu and then look for Paper Lantern. Click it and then hit the Save button.
  5. Refresh the page to check if the changes are saved. Or if you haven’t seen any changes yet, log out and log back to see some changes.


So how does your cPanel interface look now? Did you like the simplicity and modernity it offers to the users? Keep in mind that this new edition is still on the developmental process. Changes will still take place and your feedback can be a huge contribution to this progress. So don’t be afraid to submit your helpful critics or complaints and let the developers improve what is there to improve.


The goal of making this theme is to give cPanel’s you an interface that not only remove clutter on your website’s control panel, but to also let you do some changes even without having to hire and pay professionals to do simple stuff for you.