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2/13/2014 – Listener Statistics Monitoring from WHMSonic

Posted by Jamison on 13 02 2014.

Live streaming of podcasts and music serve as important media for many websites. Whether they want to load regular song files or other interview podcasts, users need to take advantage of the right plugin to ensure seamless streaming at all times. This is where WHMSonic comes in.


WHMSonic is one of the best streaming plugins anyone could get for their pages. It comes with numerous features that guarantee the best listening experience ever. This includes listener statistics.


What is Listener Statistics?


Statistics are important for most website owners. They base their data for various online resources on the data gathered from monitoring listeners. The listener statistics will note down the number of listeners loading the media on their computers. Once loaded, data count will be updated and website owners can use the data for their website analysis or other necessary procedures.


Google Map tracker


The plugin can analyze data like listener count. However, the Google Map feature integrated with the system allows website owners to track down the listeners and point them graphically through the map. Some webpage owners need this data pointed on their platforms to see how many people listen to their podcasts and their locations.


Tracking everything


One of the good things about this plugin is it tracks everything. It can display the graphical listener statistics like the time where they streamed the file and the day when they visited. Website owners can check the daily, monthly and yearly data. Some page owners need to load specific data according to specific frequencies or sets. This makes analysis easier to view and generate for web administrators.


Aside from tracking listeners, site owners can also check data about live streaming or regular file listening. This is crucial since time when people check their site for loading files matters for page owners for data analysis in learning about their site’s listener types.


Why use this plugin?


Many people don’t understand the importance of using this plugin and monitoring listeners. The truth is this data is vital for their own website monitoring. Knowing the number of visitors and the media they’re listening to will be useful for future media enhancements. They can place more data according to what appeals to the listeners.


Aside from the type of media, tracking out the locations will also be helpful in knowing the people that often visit the site to listen. They will know which places where often targeted by their website and use it for future webpage enhancements. Any data will be useful in improving their website and take advantage of necessary tools that will attract more visitors. They can also refocus the target areas through this data, especially if they are unable to tap on their target listeners.


In conclusion, WHMSonic is helpful for every website owner offering streaming and media. Listeners Statistics will let them know how many listeners visit the page to check their files or stream them live. This will be helpful in tweaking the website in case they are not getting into the target locations.


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