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2/12/2015 – Using DNS Cluster Configuration

Posted by Jamison on 12 02 2015.

A DNS is a system of naming websites and compiling them into a certain server which is readily available for users to access. It is like a phonebook wherein you can get specific information to connect to a particular website. It is a system that organizes the Internet and makes it easy for Internet users to get by—making it easier and faster for web browsers to search on your queries.


There may be multiple DNS servers that are interconnected and share records with each other. This is known as DNS cluster. Websites owe DNS clusters a lot because it makes it possible for users to still access their website even though one or two DNS servers are down. Thanks to DNS clusters, Internet surfers are also able to locate and visit their target websites with ease.


Why Use a DNS Server cluster


For website owners that has a number of servers or hosting in different places, it is important that they configure their servers to allow the use of DNS cluster. Doing so allows users to browse through and locate your website faster. It also allows DNS servers to share load in answering all queries regarding your site.


In setting up a DNS cluster, you’ll need to consider a few things first. What type of structure will be more efficient for you? Remember, the way you link each server will affect the phase at which each DNS query can be resolved. In setting up your DNS cluster structure, you can either use direct links, make the primary name server an intermediary name server or use a number of intermediary name servers.


With this system you can easily update your servers every time a change in data has occurred. Making it easier for you to keep track of things. If one of your servers is down, the DNS cluster will also redirect your clients to other available servers, allowing you to continue transactions and allowing your visitors to continue with their activity.


How to Configure DNS Cluster


To use DNS cluster with cPanel, you will need to have both cPanel and WHM or have the latest cPanel DNSONLY installed. First you need to sign in to your server as root. Using WHM, you then have to navigate to the configure cluster’s interface. Go to modify cluster status and click on enable DNS clustering and then click the Change button. Setting up a fail threshold for your cluster is also a good idea because it will hasten the processing of information by disabling unresponsive hosts.


You can also add and remove servers as you wish by simply navigating through the cluster interface. Simply go to the cluster/remote access and then go to configure cluster. From there you can either add, edit, or even delete a server from the cluster.


Using the DNS cluster system is very beneficial not only for websites but for the users as well. It makes internet surfing faster and allows net servers to share and update data instantaneously.