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2/12/2014 – What is an Unmetered Dedicated Server?

Posted by Jamison on 12 02 2014.

Dedicated servers are more than just storage solutions that website owners use for content distribution and other online operations. Companies offer dedicated servers for high profile clients or those with higher demand on server resources.


Numerous dedicated server options are available. These choices vary in terms of resources installed in the server. Another option is getting managed server where a client will find a server provider with maintenance service bundled with the actual server. Another option is an unmetered server.


What is an unmetered server?


An unmetered server is a type of server that does not have bandwidth limitations. The only option that varies on this server type is the up-link speed. Speed is limited to 10 to 100Mbps, but there is no actual limitations set on the bandwidth count.


Usually, the network port size limits the amount of bandwidth transferred from the source to the receiver. Network port sizes will not be a problem for individuals needing the great supply of bandwidth for their websites and other online operations since it will not affect this resource.


The benefits of unmetered dedicated server


Many people investing on servers want to know if their options are best for them. The benefit of this service is that there’s no bandwidth limit, so there’s no problem in transferring files no matter how large they are. They can send files and even set up numerous files for subscribers or within the company’s operational network.


Since there’s no limit, people can transfer files without worrying about overages. Overused bandwidth can result to overages depending on the server provider’s policies. There’s a fine print about bandwidth limit and it will be a problem for users once server provider cuts down their bandwidth due to excessive file transfers. Some companies charge overages when the user went over the limit and the problem is that the server providers may charge per transferred bytes, which can cost a lot of money. With unmetered servers, users are free to use as much bandwidth as they need. They will pay for the uplink speed and not the usage of bandwidth. This will save users money right at the start since they will be free from overages.


Who is this service for?


This service is recommended for everyone who needs sufficient amount of bandwidth for transferring large amount of files. Most of the time, these companies are large brands that require more files interchanged or transferred to users. Without limitations means users don’t have to worry about overages.


Aside from transferring files, unlimited bandwidth will also be helpful for people with websites receiving great amount of traffic.


The price of the service


Bandwidth limitations won’t affect this server type’s price. Their prices, however, vary depending on the services offered by the provider like server resources, reliability and management. Since this is a dedicated server type, it may cost more than regular services, but having all the resources and unmetered bandwidth will certainly work as an investment for business owners that find these features necessary.


Overall, an unmetered service keeps people from the headache of spending overages on bandwidth. It will work for specific website and business owners that requires such resources for enhanced operations.