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2/11/2015 – Using AWStats in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 11 02 2015.

AWStsats is one of the most powerful tools a web manager can make use. It is an open source program developed by that enables users to view log files in a graphical presentation. It is a very wonderful tool as it gives you a clear understanding regarding the status of your website. It tells you how many visits you’ve got over a period of time. Among those visitors, how many are unique and how many are returning visitors.


How to View AWStats in cPanel


For those who are not aware of it yet, AWStats comes pre-installed in cPanel. All you have to do is log-in to your cPanel account. Go to Logs section and click on the AWStats icon. After that a screen with a list of domain names will pop up. Choose the domain name which you would like to check by clicking on the view icon opposite the name. After that a screen with a bar graph will appear. Essentially, this bar graph represents the number of visitors, pages, hits, and bandwidth used over a period of time.


Unique visitors indicate how many individuals have visited your site while the number of visit tells how many visits you have got from unique and returning visitors. Pages section tells you how many pages of your website have been downloaded while hits refer to the number of items downloaded from your site. It may be an image, text, video or any form of content as long as it is downloaded along with the entire page, it will show up as a hit. Bandwidth is the amount of space your site’s traffic is consuming.


These are bits of important information so that you are able to track the progress of your advertising campaign and as well as the overall growth of your business.


How to Manually Update AWStats


As with most software, updates are essential in order to keep them secure and in tune with the ever changing technology, the same thing goes for AWStats. AWStats can either be updated manually or automatically. Although AWStats are by default automatically updated, you may sometimes find it necessary to update it manually. If you are intending to manually update AWStats then you would not find it hard to complete. All you have to do is to login to your cPanel account. Go to logs section look for the AWStats icon there. Click on the AWStats icon. Once you have been taken to the domain name list, click on the magnifying glass or view icon. You should be able to see a “last update” section on the top portion of the page. Just across it is an update now text. Click on it and the update will automatically commence. Once update is completed you’ll notice that the “last update” date has changed thus confirming that you have successfully updated your AWStats.


That’s just about all the things you need to know to get started in using AWStats in cPanel.