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2/11/2014 – Top Names That Trust WordPress

Posted by Jamison on 11 02 2014.

Blogging is one of the best ways for business owners to reach out to clients. Majority of the individuals today read blogs thanks to the popularity of the Internet. This is the part platform where readers can find features about a range of topics. With the popularity of the blogging, WordPress became a top name website owners obtain for their blogs.


Big names trust WordPress


WordPress stands out as the best solution because of its offered expandability and flexibility. It supports numerous plugins that make blogging more targeted and easier to use.


In fact, WordPress established its name as the best choice even for top names. These names are not just companies, but brands famous in their respective fields. They are institutions that people look up to. The following are some of the companies that utilize WordPress as their blogging platform:


The New York Times


The top newspaper reaches out to online readers through their blog entries posted on their sites. They cover every topic that loyal readers find interesting from business, economics, arts and others.




Being one of the leading automakers, GM only needs the best for their Fastlane blog. GM executives made their blog a platform to introduce their current and upcoming products to their fans. Aside from products, their services will also reach buyers faster through the blog.




The leading online shopping site became an institution because of the number of people checking it out. Whether they are sellers or buyers, its blog works a good source of information about the online store and a gateway for them in getting around the system. It also introduces the online store for everyone wishing to know the company.




CNN doesn’t only have its own blog. It also maintains blogs for their top personalities like Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper. Blogs hosted by the website utilizes WordPress, making it one of the largest companies with numerous WordPress blogs.


Katy Perry


The famous singer has high-selling singles and albums. She also maintains a website that offers media information to fans. What most people don’t know is that WordPress is the platform used in her website.


Why regular bloggers should also use WordPress?


Knowing that top companies utilize WordPress says something. These companies and famous names only need the best solutions they can use. Using WordPress on their blogs or websites means that the platform certainly possesses characteristics that exceed their expectations.


Getting WordPress and plugins


The good thing about cPanel is it supports WordPress and several installers like Softaculous and others offer it as well. It means that obtaining the platform is made easier with these auto installers. People can start building their blogs and post in no time.


Without a doubt, WordPress is a trusted blogging platform, not only for entrepreneurs, but also for huge names in their respective industries. It means that utilizing this platform for websites and blogging will help entrepreneurs and site owners compete online. It worked for driving traffic while being able to reach more readers and potential clients.