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2/10/2014 – Top 5 Most Used Scripts

Posted by Jamison on 10 02 2014.

Scripts are the heart and soul of website functions regardless of the reasons why website owners build their pages. Every web owner targets a specific niche and they need specific scripts to support their businesses or website goals.


Due to the number of website owners challenging the online world today, websites have been gathering quite a number of scripts gaining high ratings from their users.


Trusted names mean advantages


Ratings are crucial in choosing any service, whether it’s actual personnel service or just some solutions to use for business. Being a trusted name means advantage for their users. Other users tried them and experienced their offered benefits, prompting them to recommend scripts to everyone asking about them.


Top five scripts


Countless individuals used numerous scripts and the following are the top five scripts that many people use. They leave high rankings and even post feedbacks on their own websites about their plugins. The following are the high rated plugins people used today.




Blogging is one of the important online procedures that attract readers. Some website owners make this a portal where people can receive news about new products or services. Without  doubt, WordPress have been the most celebrated blogging platform anyone can use due to its functionality and supported plugins that boost its features.


Installing WordPress is indeed a beneficial move for everyone. Aside from its easy-to-use feature, it is also updated to 3.8 version, which has enhanced user interface and mobile device compatibility.




E-commerce websites need to have a cart system to make shopping easier. OpenCart emerges as one of the most famous cart system due to its robust features. Being an open source system, users can customize it the way that they want and ensure savings. Its user-friendly features will make sure that the cart system works well without sacrificing design.




PhpBB falls under the Forums category, allowing people to create a bulletin for everyone wishing to create a board for members. Corporate websites can build a comprehensive, multi-category board or a small forum site where people can meet and have a chat.


One of the great things about this plugin is that it has easy to use interface that allows users to set up their boards with ease.




Drupal is similar with WordPress due to its content management system, but with different features. It is an open-source program, which allows users to customize their setup and create a dynamic website. It edits the page’s functionality and ensuring the efficient workflow.




WHMCS is a client management program that supports billing and other customer support solutions designed for online business. It is like a complete system that handles everything a business website needs. License, however, is required to run this script, which can be obtained from the cPanel provider as an add on or separately.


These are just top five scripts that majority of website owners use today. They guarantee that every website type will operate accordingly and ensure that every client will gain the edge in the online business world.