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2/10/2012 – Migrate from another panel to cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 10 02 2012.

Sometimes everyone needs a change from one platform to another and needing a change from one hosting panel to cPanel is not much different. There are times when we need to transition from legacy systems that have limited functionality and replace them with a platform that is more stable and robust. The migration from your existing panel to cPanel will provide your clients with new features and functionality.


However, before migrating from one panel to cPanel, there are a few things that you should be prepared before beginning the migration process, and during. You should also be prepared to correct any potential issues that may arise as part of this migration process. There are cases that certain issues do not present themselves until the process is ongoing. The best advice is to do it properly the first time in order to avoid any other potential issues later.


Before beginning the migration, the following requirements must be in place before the migration can proceed.


  • New Installation of cPanel without existing accounts
  • A valid cPanel license
  • Root access to the server from which you are transferring the accounts (i.e., the remote server)
  • Your cPanel server must be running the latest CURRENT release of cPanel and WHM
  • The MySQL version on your remote server should be at least 4.1
  • The Perl version on your remote server should be at least 5.6.2


If you server set up meets these pre-requisites, then an in-depth analysis of your system will need to be performed. This process tests for items such as software compatibility, and how your server utilizes its resources. During each step of the migration, consistent testing will occur in order to validate the transfer.


Once the migration is complete, your server will be running the most recent cPanel and WHM license.


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