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2/07/2014 – SpamScan Plugin Ensures Email Delivery

Posted by Jamison on 07 02 2014.

Email marketing is integral for most of online businesses today. Entrepreneurs can tap to broader market while offering convenience for everyone needing their services. However, every important tool has its own opponent. In the case of emails and email marketing, this opponent is being labeled as spam mail. The good news is SpamScan plugin for cPanel is now available to solve this problem.


Before discussing the solution, it’s best to know first about the problem like why getting the spam label is like doomsday for online marketers.


Why the spam label is not good?


Spam mails are also known as junk mails. People don’t read them since they often contain viruses or malwares used by phishers. Since people don’t read them, it means that marketing emails will go to waste that’s why marketers want to avoid being labeled as spammers.


Are all spam mails from unreliable people?


The truth is not not all emails received in junk folders are from spammers. It’s because the server used in sending email is identified or included in the DNS Relay Blackhole lists or also known as RBLs. Although the sender is not at fault, they take the consequence since recipients don’t receive their mails and losing the opportunity to market.


What can SpamScan do?


SpamScan is a beneficial plugin for server owners to ensure that their customers will be free from spam. The plugin will scan IP addresses listed on the server and will note down its RBL details. They also have the option to show RBL details to their respective clients’ cPanel.


Some server providers would like to show their clients that their servers are not included in the RBL list for confidence.


Ultimate benefit


Using the plugin is beneficial for the client and for the server provider. First, customers will be assured that their emails will be sent directly to the inbox instead of the spam folder in a timely manner. Their own clients or subscribers will find them reliable without receiving the mail in the junk folder.


As for server providers, having this problem increases their integrity and gain more clients in the long run once the word spread about their clear IP address spread online.




SpamScan is an affordable plugin. Monthly rate is $4. However, new cPanel license owner that are active includes this plugin for free. The new cPanel license must be active and obtained from


Installing the plugin


Installing process is easier than expected. The plugin can be obtained through’s helpdesk. Click on knowledgebase page on the helpdesk and download it directly. Once downloaded, users must upload it to the server using SFTP or FTP. After installation, users will enter the SpamScan license key. It will be activated after a minute and completes the installation process.


Changing license key


Changing or updating license key may be necessary after some time. To change the license key, find the tab within the SpamScan plugin and update the license.




In case users need to remove the plugin, the process is simply by running the script.


SpamScan is a beneficial plugin for everyone. It is available through cPanel and assures benefits for everyone within the server.


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