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2/06/2014 – Softaculous Proudly Presents WordPress 3.8

Posted by Jamison on 06 02 2014.

Softaculous delivers a long list of scripts that boost a website’s functionality or allowing host providers to extend such features to their client’s cPanel. Having this script gives way to installing a wide variety of scripts designed for specific website operations.


Holding more than 100 scripts, Softaculous ensures that each of them is updated to their latest versions for customer’s benefits. One of their recent updates is WordPress 3.8.


The latest WordPress


For many years, WP set the benchmark in terms of blogging platforms because of its functionalities. It supports numerous plugins developed by numerous professionals to make it the most powerful blogging platform in the online industry.


Recently, the famed platform released the 3.8 version, which is rich with new features that make blogging easier for bloggers’ eyes and readers.


Enhanced features


Visuals are the core of the recent updates applied for version 3.8. It received numerous visual upgrades that extend benefits for everyone like the following:


  • Overall facelift. Multiple visual enhancements resulted to major facelift. First, the dashboard appears cleaner than before since developers updated its interface. It follows a minimalist appeal that makes it comfortable to view. Simplicity is the key in blogging efficiently and faster than before.


Typography and contrast were also enhanced for readers. Open Sans used for text made desktop and portable device reading more comfortable than before.


Talking about mobile devices, the dashboard’s graphic interface or color theme can be customized. It brings out the attitude that many people wish to see as they log in WP.


  • Enhanced theme management. Nowadays, experts advise website owners to come up with a webpage design compatible with portable devices due to the number of people using these items. With WP 3.8, blog themes can be managed accordingly to fit computer web browsers as well as mobile device interface. This leads to easy reading that draws visitors back to the blog.


  • Better mobile device compatibility. In the past, developing a mobile-compatible website requires complete enhancement to ensure performance. However, WP 3.8 made it possible to make the main blog page and dashboard scale in the portable device without problems. It will perform better, ensuring speed that every blogger and reader wants to experience. This compatibility is applied to different portable devices like large-screened tablets or minimal displays from regular mobile phones.


WordPress with Softaculous


Softaculous is one of the cPanel plugins that deliver the latest WP release. Website owners who already use WP blogs simply need to run the WP script and the current platform will automatically upgrade.


The plugin developers also made setting a blog for the first time simpler than the usual. A single click is all it takes to install the blog on the server. It allows bloggers to post their first entries with ease and start targeting their chosen market.


Visit Softaculous and discover what you’ll get in installing the recent WP version. With simple installation and update, Softaculous and WP become the ideal investments for every online entrepreneur and aspiring and current webhost providers.


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