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2/04/2014 – Softaculous: Making Games Possible

Posted by Jamison on 04 02 2014.

cPanel has numerous compatible plugins giving way to functionalities every website owner needs. Fortunately, this control panel supports high-end plugins that guarantee essential functions like Softaculous. However, this plugin offers other apps like games.


The importance of games


Most website owners don’t find the importance of games on their websites. The truth is it can also help in retaining a lot of people on the website. It can also aid in promoting leisure time for visitors. Softaculous lets website owners install and use these games for their pages for these benefits.


Softaculous-supported games


Softaculous is one of the plugins that have all the needed scripts and apps that meet webpage owners’ needs. It includes several games as well that can be used for leisure or for connecting with other people. The games that come with this plugin received high ratings.


BlackNova Traders


BlackNova Traders is a web-based space exploration-themed game running through different coding solutions like Javascript, PHP and SQL. TradeWars, a famous BBS game, inspire this one of the highest rated games in plugin.


Shadows Rising


This is an RPG game designed in XHTML, PHP and Javascript. It also works on web browsers and supported by database systems like MySQL. Similarly with other RPG games, players can enter into different classes, obtain items and get them, follow maps, and other features applied to its modules.


Multiplayer Checkers


Checkers is perhaps one of the famous board games and Softaculous delivers this game for website owners. Visitors can play checkers using AJAX-enabled scripts, and a lot more. Players need to place their name and it will release a list of other individuals logged in. A player can challenge another player and start the game.


Word Search Puzzle


Word games are also among the famous people want to play. Word Search Puzzle possesses numerous features that enhance gaming experience for people. They can use several customizable templates, dictionaries, puzzle length, difficulty level, and a lot more. All they need to do is to check the program and take advantage of its features for unique gaming experience.


Softaculous and games


One of the good things about Softaculous the games come with the plugin, allowing users to learn about them before installing on their websites. Another benefit is that users can try the game themselves. Softaculous’ page for game apps has a link for live demonstration. Players can try them out and then start playing.


Installing the app is easy since they are all lightweight programs. File sizes are less than a megabyte up to 9 MB. It means that the game will run seamlessly because of its lightweight feature. Once installed, it won’t also consume excessive space and other resources, assuring performance like other conventional web-based games.


In case problems occurred in installing the game or getting updates, support is also available on the same website to ensure the program will operate as expected.


Overall, games will be beneficial and Softaculous makes it possible for everyone to enjoy these high rating games. Check out the developer’s website and see the games for yourself.


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