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Monthly: October 2019

A Brief Discussion on LiveAPI System

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/22.

Introduction This system provides a specific place for applications within the cPanel interface, which is methodical in providing one’s code to connect domestically with the cPanel binary, cpsrvd. It allows one to make cPanel API 1, cPanel API 2, and UAPI function calls via the socket.Common components are administered by every…

What is the Webalizer Interface?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/21.

Introduction If you want to work on this feature, you can navigate to (cPanel >> Home >> Metrics >> Webalizer). From the Webalizer statistics program, this interface helps a user in viewing the traffic stats. Users can visit the Webalizer website to know more about Webalizer.Users can also read the Webalizer’s…

Steps To Fix The Rsync Pruning Failure

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/18.

Introduction Consumers bottling rsync backups generally run into issues with the remote pruning method, if it doesn’t end erasing it within 300 seconds each transportation method allowed time-frame.Transport Error The system provides a notification of an email when it confronted with a transport error, based on their notify settings. The email notification…

How to use MyDNS-NG_

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/17.

Overview MyDNS-NG is a DNS server software designed for servers based on Linux. A database is used by MyDNS to store the DNS zone files of the server. This helps it to manage huge numbers of zone records efficiently.The following minimum requirements must be met in order to run MyDNS on…

How to Block Attacks with Easy Apache 4’s mod_evasive?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/16.

Introduction The mod_evasive Apache module is provided by EasyApache 4  released on the 7th of November, 2017.What Is Mod_evasive? This Apache module helps to protect one’s server against the vicious attacks of DoS, DDoS. This module works even as a detection tool and one can design it to establish a communication with…