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Monthly: September 2019

Key Fixes on troubleshooting High Disk IO Problems

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/30.

What is High Disk IO? The high desk IO feature determines the time required for the read and write disc speeds of your dedicated server On a particular hard disk. One of the most important things to note is that the speed of the server, which is then read and write…

Monitoring PCI Compliance and Software Versions

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/27.

Introduction A definite software package version range is employed by most PCI compliance scanning systems and it contains a noted vulnerability. This piece of document acknowledges some of the well-defined software packages reported to have noted vulnerabilities. Not solely this, it also determines the developer’s usage of the backport process to…

Guide to the LiveAPI System

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/26.

What is a Task Queue System?

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/25.

Introduction This document is for cPanel and WHM version 68. Some activities in them results in restarting of some utilities. The software will restore Apache and the nameserver daemon whenever a user will count on a subdomain.For providing an arm to the requisition, cPanel & WHM has a system for queueing…

What is the ‘Remote Restoration’ in the ‘WHM Backup Configuration Interface’?

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/24.

Overview Important:In order to access this feature, the account backups and the Retain Backups must be enabled. The option is available under the Default Backup Directory setting in WHM’s Backup Configuration interface. (WHM > Home > Backup > Backup Configuration.)The Backup Configuration interface permits you and your users to save backup…