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Monthly: February 2019

What is the cPanel Plugin File Generator

Posted by Allura on 2019/02/14.

An Overview The purpose of the cPanel Plugin File Generator is to generate plugin installation files for the particular Paper Lantern theme of the cPanel interface.This plugin installation file, once generated, automates the installation process and so stores the plugin’s configuration details in the form of a .tar.gz file. This file…

FAQs on WHM’s Backup Options-2

Posted by Allura on 2019/02/13.

Introduction This interface helps in getting answers on WHM’s backup options.Which Files Does a cPanel User’s Backup Include? Once the account backups are enabled, the backup process will run as the cPanel user owning the backup data. Anything that a user does not own and cannot access is not backed up by…

FAQs on WHM’s Backup Options- 1

Posted by Allura on 2019/02/12.

Introduction This interface helps in getting answers on WHM’s backup options.What are your Backup Options? Either WHM’s Legacy Backup Configuration interface (WHM >> Home >> Backup >> Legacy Backup Configuration) or WHM’s Backup Configuration interface (WHM >> Home  >> Backup >> Backup Configuration).What Does a Backup Store? The backup only has the system…

What is the cPanel Analytics Feature

Posted by Allura on 2019/02/11.

An Overview The cPanel Analytics Feature is an optional feature that allows data to be collected about a user’s cPanel and WHM interface related activity as well as about hosting providers server configurations, thereby improving his or her overall experience of the same by altering it subtly in a variety of…

How to Change the Mail Exchanger(MX) Entry

Posted by Allura on 2019/02/08.

An Overview The most important function of a ‘Mail Exchanger Entry’ is to determine which particular server receives mail for a given domain name.When one edits an entry using the ‘Edit MX Entry’ interface it allows one to configure the entry for each destination mail server.One can reach the ‘Edit Mail…