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Monthly: November 2018

Advanced Configurations in ClamAV Scanner

Posted by Allura on 2018/11/30.

A Brief Introduction Exim is a popular mail transfer agent used on systems to send, receive and reroute emails. It is freely available under the General Public License (GNU). Developed in 1995 at Cambridge University by Philip Hazel, this open source mail transfer agent offers a flexible mailing solution with a…

Steps to use the RubyGems Package Manager

Posted by Allura on 2018/11/29.

Introduction This feature is for cPanel and WHM version 68. One needs to navigate to (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> RubyGems) interface to work on this feature.This is a package manager for the Ruby programming language providing a self-contained format where the developers can distribute Ruby programs and libraries.To know…

How to use the MyDNS-NG for cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 2018/11/28.

Introduction This is a DNS server software for Linux servers. It uses a database in storing the server’s DNS zone files, allowing it to efficiently manage large numbers (hundreds or even thousands) of zone records. This is for:cPanel & WHM version 11.32 or later. MySQL® version 5.0 or later. BINDIt…

What is cPHulk and how does it Work?

Posted by Allura on 2018/11/27.

IntroductioncPHulk is a service that provides protection against brute force attacks to your website, emails, and server. The brute force attack uses an automated system to guess the password of your web server or services. The most powerful and latest one is cPanel & WHM version 70What is a brute…

Why do we use the “IP Blocker Interface”?

Posted by Allura on 2018/11/26.

Introduction The IP Blocker interface is for cPanel and WHM version 68. It allows one to block access to one’s site for one or more than one IP addresses or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).Block An IP Address Before going to the steps, it is important to note that if one enters…