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Monthly: July 2018

How to Deploy a Java Application

Posted by Allura on 2018/07/17.

An Overview A variety of Java Applications come to the user equipped with a Web Application Archive or WAR package, while some do not. In the case that such packages are provided a user may then proceed to deploy the given application. The steps outlined next are designed to help a…

Steps to Disable Network Manager

Posted by Allura on 2018/07/16.

Scanning Outgoing Mail

Posted by Allura on 2018/07/13.

A Brief Introduction To set up your mail servers to check if there is any spam in your outgoing mail, use the Advanced Editor option in WHM’s Exim Configuration Manager interface (WHM > Home > Service Configuration > Exim Configuration Manager). Spam sent by users to your system can be blocked…

How to Restore Database Grants in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 2018/07/12.

Trouble Shooting High Disk I/O Problems

Posted by Allura on 2018/07/11.