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Monthly: January 2018

What is the Awstats Interface in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 2018/01/31.

WordPress 4.8.1: What You Need To Know

Posted by Allura on 2018/01/30.

Following the popular release of WordPress 4.8, WordPress has released its maintenance fix: version 4.8.1. While 4.8.1 is not a security release, the latest version details 29 bug and maintenance fixes that make WordPress a better experience for everyone. The most notable addition is the Custom HTML widget that everyone’s…

Using ‘Raw Access’ Interface

Posted by Allura on 2018/01/29.

How to Manage SSL Hosts in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 2018/01/26.

The Manage SSL Hosts interface gives access to share and delete installed SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates and to enable or disable SNI (Server Name Indication)  for mail services. Shared SSL Certificate The section in the WHM interface enables you to share a SSL certificate. To access your website,a shared SSL certificate…

How to Use Daily Process Log in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 2018/01/25.

Daily process log provides statistical details about the consumption of the vital resources such as processing power and memory of the server. The feature depends on the following factors: WHM configuration, installed system daemons and applications and users’ installed daemons and applications.  Logging in the Daily Process Log :Login to…