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Monthly: December 2017

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Look For A New Hosting Provider

Posted by Allura on 2017/12/15.

Every website has had its ups and downs but the idea is to learn from past mistakes, and not repeat them. Unfortunately there are still plenty of hosting platforms offering sub-par products and services and plenty of websites are paying the price.Inferior customer service, DDoS attacks and poor server management…

Three Content Management Systems To Get Your Business Online

Posted by Allura on 2017/12/14.

Content management systems have changed the way we think about and build digital content. They have made it quicker, easier and more accessible for the layperson to digitize and get online.WordPress is probably the best-known CMS out there, powering a quarter of the World Wide Web today. But did you…

WHM & cPanel: What’s The Difference?

Posted by Allura on 2017/12/13.

In a nutshell, a WHM (Web Host Manager) account is a modified cPanel account that gives users administrative access to cPanel’s back-end. WHM access is typically reserved for people who work on servers, and for resellers of cPanel. cPanel is typically used by end-users and has a more limited set…

How To Make cPanel Work For Your Brand

Posted by Allura on 2017/12/12.

Becoming a cPanel reseller is a great branding move because you get to associate your company with one of the world’s leading hosting platforms. Not only that, you can take the credit for your customers’ cPanel experiences by customizing the control panel with your own corporate identity elements, or your…

Safeguarding Your Website Against A Crash

Posted by Allura on 2017/12/11.