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Monthly: November 2017

What is MX Record? Why is it Important?

Posted by Allura on 2017/11/30.

What is MX record? MX is short for Mail Exchange. A MX record perceives the mail server which is in charge of the administration of messages in a particular area.It is the MX record which flags the sender on the best way to send an email to one’s site. Domain…

Webalizer VS. AWStats

Posted by Allura on 2017/11/29.

Webalizer and AWStats are popular server-side analysis packages that provide web statistics to generate data using raw server logs. Let’s compare these two popular web stat programs.AWStatsAWStats is not a marketing tool and uses server log files to interpret data. It provides a better idea regarding the amount of bandwidth…

Transfer Your E-mail From One cPanel to Other Without Losing a Single Mail

Posted by Allura on 2017/11/28.

Email migration is a critical process, especially when you are moving them from one server to the other. Your main focus is on having minimal issues from user side and transfer mails without any downtime.Transferring email accounts from one cPanel server to another one is not a very complicated affair,…

Top WordPress Security Plugins

Posted by Allura on 2017/11/27.

Are you using WordPress for your website? And have you taken care of WordPress Security? If not this is the right article for you.As we all know WordPress is an open source platform, hence it is all the more important to take care of the security aspect. A single security…

Top Website Builder Add-ons on cPanel

Posted by Allura on 2017/11/24.

 World-class websites are produced on cpanel these days as it has undistinguished features making the interface more user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is preferred because it is less expensive than other website hosts. Undoubtedly, the security quotient is more on cpanel, and it is accessible anytime anywhere around the…