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Monthly: September 2017

The new Style Management Interface in cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/07.

When it comes to style management interface in cPanel, you can always create new, customized styles to change the appearance of the cPanel interface. For instance, you may want to create a customized look for what goes in accordance with your company’s logo and branding or a customized style for…

Speed Up 10 Times and Save 25% More Memory with cPanel & WHM version 60

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/06.

cPanel & WHM is the most trusted and effective control panel widely accepted and used for automating and simplifying website management, server configuration, and email. cPanel is already known as the de-factor industry-standard control panel for the Linux environments. The cPanel and WHM version 60 Newly launched cPanel & WHM version 60…

Why is the Paper Lantern cPanel theme already a hit?

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/05.

As you know, Paper Lantern is the latest and the most updated responsive cPanel theme to replace the basic X3 theme that was used previously. Web designers and programmers prefer Paper Lantern over X3 for a number of reasons that have made this a great hit. Why Paper Lantern is Widely…

Why is the Analog Stats interface still relevant to gather site metrics?

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/04.

Analog: A Traffic Control Interface The Analog Stats Interface extends access to data from the Analog software. One of the main features of analog is traffic statistics compilation for the user’s domain, the data is managed month wise to be interpreted easily. The monthly Data on Analog is presented in the…

Four Useful Tips to Remember When Moving to a New Server

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/02.

Moving to another server is sometimes unavoidable. There are situations that the best thing to do for your website is to transfer to another server. This may be a product of your expanding business or you simply feel the need to do so.No matter what the reason is that you…