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Monthly: September 2017

How the BoxTrapper Interface Helps to Fight Spam

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/14.

BoxTrapper’s Interface of Spam Attack : BoxTrapper effectively is a tool which filters spam from the inbox through the challenge response verification process. On receiving an email a BoxTrapper enabled account promptly sends out a fully customisable verification email in response, following which the sender must complete the verification process before…

Here’s What You Need to Know About Incremental Backups

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/13.

As much as current and operational data is important to any organization, so is historical and archival data. This is because historical data serves as the basis of projections, business decisions and laying down future roadmaps. The secret to a successful website lies in how good is its backup system…

Emerging DDoS Trends in Web Hosting Industry

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/12.

In today’s ever-increasing cyber world, vulnerability is one of the key factors that calls for swift and impactful analysis. In the immediate past we have seen how vulnerable and attack-prone the cyber world has become – From a host of ransomware attacks on multiple countries, leaked episodes of HBO’s Game…

5 Critical Features Of A First Class Hosting Solution

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/11.

Today owning and managing a website is a crucial part of any business but, with so many hosting providers out there, just how do you know which platform can scale with your business and provide the best long term solution? You may feel the pressure to get online, but it’s…

WordPress Manager: The best way to make WordPress experience better with cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/08.

As you already know, cPanel is one of the simplest and most powerful web hosting software application that equips the site owners with the opportunity to easily and quickly manage their sites and servers using an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. A hosting environment that offers cPanel would make managing a…