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Monthly: September 2017

Key Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/22.

Why Green Web Hosting? With every passing day, Mother Earth faces an ever-growing warmth index. This is chiefly due to sustained and increased use of automobiles and gadgets- computers and laptops, mobile phone, air conditions. This however is the general perception. What we generally fail to notice is the fact that…

The Anonymous FTP Keeps Risks Uncovered

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/21.

The anonymous FTP feature in cPanel could pose serious security threats.  File transfer protocol ( FTP) is a system whereby files are transferred between computers on a network. The use of FTP is not limited to just transfer of files between an account and desktop computer. It also extends to…

Installing cPanel On Your Server

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/20.

cPanel’s rich set of features makes it an essential management tool for the modern business. Online security, email management and complete website management make running your business quick and easy through cPane;ls’ online interface. Follow our guidelines below to have cPanel up and running on your server in no time, or…

Web Hosting Data now Secured with New Backup Manager

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/18.

The New Genre of Super Plugins cPanel’s New Backup Manager which can be easily located with the SuperPlugins under the SuperHosting tools section is backed by the latest version features. The New Backup Manager forwards to the user features like -generate,  download and recover directories, files and data bases from the…

Do’s & Don’t’s of Migrating Your WordPress Website to a New Host

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/15.

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to move your WordPress website to a new host (speed, cost effectiveness, greater functionality, better support etc.) but the biggest pitfall you want to avoid during the migration process is downtime. Today we’ll take a look at the do’s and don’ts of transferring…