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Monthly: September 2017

BuycPanel Newsletter July 2017

Posted by Allura on 2017/09/29.

How to Backup Your Website using cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/28.

Performing a cPanel backup of your files and data is an important step needed when running a successful website. This cPanel feature was developed to assist website owners and administrators in making sure that their website is safe and secured from any accidental deletion or removal resulting from errors and…

Updated HTML Editor in cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/27.

Updated HTML Editor for better Working Experience When you want to edit a file with the help of the cPanel’s File Manager, you can make urgent modifications to the website without uploading newer version of the file. cPanel boasts three different editors that can be used for editing files directly on…

The cPanel interface of Responsive Themes and Designs 

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/27.

The cPanel theme is characteristic of powerful designs and bears the potential to support add-ons which give the web business League a wider scope. With advanced and modern mechanized features like Geo -localization and two-way authentication, these templates are ideal for web businesses. The modern cPanel themes are backed by…

5 Softaculous Apps You Appsolutely Have To Try

Posted by Alex on 2017/09/25.

Is your website in need of a little TLC? Subscribing to Softaculous in your cPanel gives you access to more than 350 applications that can improve your business online. Using these Apps will save you time and deliver a first-class product. Here are five of the top, most popular scripts,…