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Monthly: July 2017

Tips on Utilizing Social Media to Attract New Customers

Posted by Alex on 2017/07/31.

Unlike the old days, social media is not just for teenage kids that are looking for fun anymore. It has developed and grown to become a very powerful engagement tool that can be used to market your products and services.Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube provides a…

Why Do We Need cPanel?

Posted by Alex on 2017/07/28.

cPanel is the industry standard and leader when it comes to web hosting management software. Most people will even ask for it when they are looking for a hosting provider for their websites. But the reality is that most of them really do not understand what cPanel is and why…

Why Buy WHM cPanel License for Your Web Space Management Software

Posted by Alex on 2017/07/27.

Are you a web host who just bought a dedicated server? If you are looking to offer your space to resellers, it is possible through cPanel. It allows people to buy large amounts of web space with the explicit intent to resell them. When seeking to attract resellers, cPanel &…

Importance of VPS with cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/07/26.

cPanel is crucial tool that refers to a Unix-based web hosting control panel designed to provide a graphical interface with automation tools specifically designed to ease the procedure of hosting a website. cPanel fundamentally makes use of a 3-tier arrangement that provides functionality to administrators, resellers and website owners, allowing…

5 Simple Tricks That You Can Do to Protect Your WordPress Site

Posted by Alex on 2017/07/25.

If you are using WordPress as the content management system for your website then you have definitely made the right choice. Not only does it provide tons of features that can improve the design of your website, but it also offers great SEO functions that can generate and increase web…