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Monthly: June 2017

Easy Website Migration From One cPanel to Another

Posted by Alex on 2017/06/30.

Moving from one webhost to another has never been this simple. Moving from one host to another is the logical thing to do when you no longer feel good about your current host due to: Bad customer service Not enough features Not as reliable as it used to be Price…

Comparing Three Popular Web Hosting Control Panels

Posted by Alex on 2017/06/29.

Many individuals who need a web host provider look for the simplest way of managing servers. After all, most of these people are so busy running their online businesses that the last thing they want is to deal with a complicated hosting control panel. To their credit, web hosting providers offer…

The Most Useful Add-ons for cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/06/28.

The cPanel is not the most exciting software out there today. However, the power and extensibility of cPanel is unparalleled.You can use cPanel like a swiss army knife of website development. Because it has so many useful add-ons then it becomes more powerful than ever before.Here are the most useful…

Five Ways to Prevent Email Abuse in a cPanel Server

Posted by Alex on 2017/06/27.

There are more than 200 billion emails sent every day. From out-of-office notifications to billing summaries, emails are transferred across servers. And while most of these emails remain protected and secured when they reach their intended recipients, we know that there will always be instances when some of these electronic…

Getting to Know Attracta SEO Tools Better for cPanel Users

Posted by Alex on 2017/06/26.

As most existing businesses and new business ventures need a website to attract more traffic and commerce, all website hosts must already be using cPanel. cPanel or Control Panel is the best program to utilize in running a website because it allows website owners the ability to better market and…