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Monthly: May 2017

Three Best Server Monitoring Services

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/31.

Just like a nightmare, website downtime is really horrible for you and your clients.When your server is down, your clients are continuously losing customers/visitors. It means that downtime doesn’t only affect your business but also the online business of your clients.Whether your clients have a static website, a blog, or…

How to Prepare Your Website for Migration

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/29.

Website migration is very important if you want to move from one hosting service to another. Looking closer, it’s nothing more but the transferring of data between domains without any data loss issues.Moving is easy to do, but it is full of processes that even experts can mess up. How…

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company for Your Needs

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/26.

There is no doubt that creating an online business is totally profitable, but there are many factors to take note of when doing so. One of them is hosting. When choosing a hosting company for your website you need to take the following factors into account:  The BandwidthWhen people…

cPanel Tools That Help with Spam Management

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/25.

Spam is inappropriate or unwanted commercial or advertisement email messages sent over the internet (and sometimes landlines). It is somewhat similar to flooding the recipient with the same message over and over again, with an idea to sell some product or service through scammy means.Spam emails hardly costs anything to…

How to Protect Your cPanel and Servers From Malware

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/24.

Don’t be a victim of Malware. Do you know that Google bans thousands of infected websites a day. These websites are infected with malware and phishing mechanisms. It’s not that the website owners are malicious, they are also victims. Although, Google will not hesitate to ban or mark down your…