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Monthly: March 2017

The cPanel Account Restoration Process System Admins Should Follow

Posted by Alex on 2017/03/31.

Sometimes, cPanel root users have to perform account restoration due to various reasons. Although it is not that difficult, new system administrators may find it a bit confusing at first.   Thus, as a new system admin, know that there are some pre-requisites to follow prior to the account restoration.   Prerequisites   When restoring a…

The Easy Installation WordPress Process

Posted by Alex on 2017/03/30.

Many cPanel users (as well as people who use other types of control panels) consider WordPress as one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) available in the market today. Of all the available CMSs out there, this one takes the lead because of its ease-of-use, power, and its…

More Options Under the User Preferences Interface of Your cPanel Account

Posted by Alex on 2017/03/28.

Under the User Preferences interface of your cPanel account, you can perform various changes, modifications, and configurations. Here, you can change your passwords, create stronger passwords, enable the external authentication process, as well as link and unlink accounts with the external authentication. However, there are several other options in this interface…

Part 2 Migrating All of your cPanel Accounts from One Server to Another

Posted by Alex on 2017/03/27.

Assuming that you have portable IP addresses, and that you have the option to migrate them, continue following the steps below to copy and migrate accounts to a new server using SSH keys. In cases wherein your cPanel server comes from a third-party web host or data center, ask them…

Archiving Emails: 3 Webmail Interfaces for cPanel and How to Set them Up

Posted by Alex on 2017/03/24.

With cPanel, you can archive your emails through three different webmail interfaces, namely: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.   Before you set them up though, you may have to first perform some steps in the webmail app so you can see folders containing archived mails or those that Apache SpamAssassin has filtered.   Setting Up…