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Monthly: February 2017

Getting Rid of Spam Mail

Posted by Alex on 2017/02/28.

For most web-hosting providers and website owners, cPanel is a wonderful web-hosting solution that allows worldwide web-hosting on a large-scale platform. This means that all those dealing with these websites have to manage gigantic amounts of data on a daily basis. This includes emailing, blogging, reviewing, and all sorts of…

cPanel Introduction: Four Benefits in Using cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/02/27.

As more and more people are utilizing cPanel every day to manage and administer their websites, it is increasingly alarming just how many individuals are not maximizing the use of this graphical, web-based program. cPanel is a breakthrough application that has helped millions in creating personal websites for their various…

New System Admins: Here’s the First Step on Restoring cPanel Accounts

Posted by Alex on 2017/02/24.

  New system administration of cPanel and WHM accounts? Make sure you read this document then, so you know one of the most common tasks of system admins: restoring websites in WHM.   cPanel & WHM: The Distinction between the Two Interfaces   cPanel & WHM make use of two distinct interfaces, although they come…

Using MySQL Client to Create Users and Databases for WordPress

Posted by Alex on 2017/02/23.

MySQL is one of the best, open source communities of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It makes use of a Structured Query Language (SQL). It has gained popularity for its ease of adding, managing, and accessing database content. Then, there are also its other features, including its tried and tested…

Getting to Know Attracta SEO Tools Better for cPanel Users

Posted by Alex on 2017/02/22.

As most existing businesses and new business ventures need a website to attract more traffic and commerce, all website hosts must already be using cPanel. cPanel or Control Panel is the best program to utilize in running a website because it allows website owners the ability to better market and…