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Monthly: January 2017

Why You Need to Update to the Latest Version of WordPress

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/09.

Every time WordPress rolls out an update, you should always agree to it to get the latest version. You will know the availability of an update through a notification message in the WordPress Admin Screens. All you have to do to download and have the update installed is to click…

Troubleshooting the Composer

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/06.

A PHP dependency and package manager, the Composer enables you to dictate the libraries which all of your project rely on. When you have Composer in your cPanel, it will allow you to manage, including installation and updates, these libraries and projects for you.The cPanel & WHM developers introduced this…

Creating WordPress Accounts, Username, and Databases with phpMyAdmin

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/05.

Ask any cPanel user which content management system (CMS) they use and you will most likely get a lot of answers telling you “WordPress.” There are many god reasons for this, some of which include the system being one, if not the most powerful CMSs available today, boasting of an…

VaultPress Plugin: Enhancing Your Website Security

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/04.

As a website owner using cPanel as your control panel, you most likely utilize WordPress for your blogging management as well as complete content management.The question is: how secure is your WordPress account really is?While you may have already done the necessary steps to increase security for your webhost and…

Copying Add-on Domains to Your New Accounts (part 2)

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/03.

The part 1 of this 2-part series of copying add-on domains to new cPanel accounts involved outlining and discussing of the first four steps, which included creating backups, creating new accounts, extracting the backups, and importing the databases. In this second and final part of the series, it will contain the…