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Monthly: January 2017

CentOS 5 End-of-Life is Near: How to Migrate to CentOS 7

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/16.

As you might be aware, CentOS 5 will soon be reaching End of Life (EOL) in March 2017: EOL for CentOS 5 means that cPanel and Red Hat will no longer provide updates or security fixes for that particular version and it is highly recommended that you migrate from a CentOS…

Four Ways to Access WHM

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/13.

Nowadays, there are many different ways to access your WHM account. One is through the use of a browser, second is through the WHM portal itself, third is to use the External Authentication, and third is to enable the Two-factor Authentication process.Access via BrowserWhen you want to use a browser…

Setting up a PHP Composer for your cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/11.

A PHP package and dependency manager, Composer can help you with manage and configure your cPanel account even better. For instance, with this manager, you can easily look for downloadable packages found at the website order to set up a composer on your cPanel account though, you should first…

Make Your cPanel Experience Even Better

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/10.

Much thanks to the User Preferences interface in your cPanel interface, you can perform a variety of tasks and changes to make your experience better and more personalized. For instance, you can change your password here to make it stronger, you can enable both the External Authentication and the Two-Factor…