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Monthly: January 2017

The Subaccount Services You Can Enjoy with cPanel’s User Manager Interface

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/31.

There are many things you can do with the “User Manager” interface of cPanel. With it, you can add, delete, and manage subaccounts. You can also manage each and every one of your subaccount’s emails, web disk, and FTP. Below you will find a brief overview of the subaccount services you…

How to Control the Emails Your Server Sends

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/30.

Did you know that with cPanel, you can control all the emails your server sends? That’s right. You can even create rules for mail filter via the Mailing Lists interface of cPanel. To go to the Mailing Lists interface, just head to Home, then Mail, and finally, Mailing Lists. Here, you…

More Details about the “Let’s Encrypt” Plugin You Can Install for Your cPanel Account

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/27.

Is there an easier way to automate the installation of domain-validated SSL certificates on the domains of users for services like Apache and Dovecot? There is. Thanks to the Let’s Encrypt™ plugin that has almost all webmasters and owners praise and recommend nowadays. Aside from this primary feature of the plugin,…

Creating WordPress Accounts, Username, and Databases with phpMyAdmin

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/26.

Ask any cPanel user which content management system (CMS) they use and you will most likely get a lot of answers telling you “WordPress.” There are many god reasons for this, some of which include the system being one, if not the most powerful CMSs available today, boasting of an…

The Four Sections Every cPanel & WHM Service URL Contains

Posted by Alex on 2017/01/25.

As a cPanel & WHM user, you need to understand it as much as you can to get the most use out of these services.   One of the most important things you have to learn more about is that each of these two services have URLs containing four different sections. Below,…