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Monthly: December 2016

Accessing cPanel via Browser

Posted by Alex on 2016/12/30.

Today, your cPanel continues to allow users to access their accounts via a browser or directly through the cPanel account. However, they have recently added two other options, including the external authentication and two-factor external authentication methods.Access via BrowserWhen you want to use a browser to get into your cPanel…

Advanced cPanel Tips and Tricks

Posted by Jamison on 2016/12/22.

In your cPanel account, you will find a section called “Databases.” They provide users with means to easily manage huge amounts of data via the Internet. You need these databases to execute many applications requiring the use of the Internet, such as online retail shops, bulletin boards, and content management…

2-Way Step to Accessing Your Webmail

Posted by Jamison on 2016/12/21.

cPanel & WHM’s Webmail feature enables users to access their email accounts via their web browsers. Checking emails though a browser allows for a much more convenient and ease-of-access compared to using an email application. One of the best features of Webmail is that you can use it to check…

Web Hosting: Get Started Right Away

Posted by Jamison on 2016/12/15.

Web hosting allows individuals, organizations, and businesses to launch and operate a website or web page via the World Wide Web. A web host, also commonly referred to as web hosting provider, delivers technologies, products, and services required by these consumers to create their websites or webpages. Once up and…

The Whys and Hows of Hard Drive Space Management

Posted by Jamison on 2016/12/06.

You probably know how important disk space is for all your computer-related activities, such as when you run, operate, manage, or own a website controlled by cPanel. Without enough disk space, you will ultimately run into problems, so make sure you maintain, at the very least, 10 per cent (or…