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Monthly: August 2016

Error Logs: What You Need to Know About Them

Posted by Jamison on 2016/08/30.

Error logs are not just annoying messages that you can get while you make use of your cPanel account. These logs can actually tell you a lot of interesting things about your account. This is the primary reason you should make it a habit to check your logs from time…

cPanel Allows You to Delete Your Files: Here’s How

Posted by Jamison on 2016/08/24.

Sometimes your cPanel account ends up with a lot of files in a certain directory. These files may reach numbers that are too much for you to handle with and delete in one by one. The key is to knowing why you would want to delete them in the first…

Brute Force Attack: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jamison on 2016/08/23.

One of the most on-going problems for many system administrators is the potential for brute-force attacks. Up till now, firewall developers and engineers design their modern products with the deterring of these in mind. When it comes to cPanel users, the types of brute attacks they should be concerned with include…

Best Practices for Web Optimization

Posted by Jamison on 2016/08/22.

Web optimization is one of the most critical components of web development and maintenance. However, as important as it may be, a lot of webmasters still fail to prioritize it. When properly done though, web optimization can save webmasters and owners a lot of money, increase traffic, and boost bottom…

Why WHM is the Best for Your Business?

Posted by Jamison on 2016/08/17.