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Monthly: July 2016

Subdomain 101: Get to Know Subdomains Better

Posted by Jamison on 2016/07/28.

For many website owners, having one domain name is enough for their site and their business. However, not all brands will benefit from a single domain. You will realize this as you continue to expand your own website and grow your business. You do not have to worry though. You can…

Step-by-Step Guide: WHM Installation

Posted by Jamison on 2016/07/26.

A good Web Host Manager or WHM is your secret to maintaining your website as flawless as possible. It keeps you in control of all aspects of your website, keeping track of its performance, especially if your website is used for your business. BuycPanel offers the easiest to install WHM…

Site Management Made Easy with BuycPanel

Posted by Jamison on 2016/07/25.

In the middle of the demand for cPanel in the webhosting industry, BuycPanel has managed to become the leading choice of web hosting provider. BuycPanel has been in the industry for 10 years and counting, providing the easiest and hassle-free web management to clients and customers alike. It does not…

Reduce Chances of Site Hackings: Get These Plugins

Posted by Jamison on 2016/07/12.

In today’s time and age, wherein unscrupulous individuals hack and attack websites from all over the world, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself, your online assets, and your valuable customers. And although cPanel as well as reputable web hosting service providers and online portals make use…

Maximizing Instant License Activation with BuycPanel

Posted by Jamison on 2016/07/11.

In today’s tight competition among websites in the online world, your clients’ number one priority is to be able to manage their websites like a hands-on mom. They would choose a host provider that gives them as much freedom to access and manage their websites through an easy-to-use control panel.…