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Monthly: May 2016

SiteApps: Personalize Commercial Apps for Better User Experience

Posted by Jamison on 2016/05/05.

Today, the online industry is brimming with various applications and programs designed to make almost everything easier for consumers. From shopping to connecting with people from all over the world, banking to paying bills, and from searching for products or services to streaming videos and music, the World Wide Web…

The Importance of a SolusVM License

Posted by Jeff on 2016/05/04.

Why Public Clouds are Good for Your Business

Posted by Jamison on 2016/05/03.

In cloud computing, the public clouds are the type that are housed within the premises of a cloud computing service provider and accessed through the Internet. Examples of popular public clouds are Microsoft’s One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Public clouds are best when several people use the data shared and…

Why You Need a WHM License

Posted by Jeff on 2016/05/03.

How to Find the Right Cloud Computing Supplier

Posted by Jamison on 2016/05/02.

Looking for a cloud computing provider is not easy especially if you are not an IT expert, but are, tasked as a procurement officer to find the provider which can deliver all your business’ needs. But it should not be very difficult if you know what you are looking for. The…