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Monthly: February 2016

cPanel VPS and Your Business

Posted by Jeff on 2016/02/29.

Learning about cPanel VPS Hosting

Posted by Jeff on 2016/02/28.

Getting a cPanel License

Posted by Jeff on 2016/02/27.

Multi-PHP Management and Editing: Providing New Experience on Configuration and Modification

Posted by Jamison on 2016/02/25.

Staying true to its promise, cPanel remains to be the hosting platform of choice as it continues to upgrade and improve its features. With the introduction of EasyApache 4, more features are also enhanced, thus, making your website hosting experience easier and more efficient. EasyApache 4 offers more options and…

cPanel Expands Calendar Functionality

Posted by Jamison on 2016/02/24.

cPanel is committed in providing the tools that every player in the web hosting industry needs. With its wide selection of features and options, you will everything you need to successfully control and manage every aspect of your website. Since the web hosting industry is competitive by nature and entrepreneurs…