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Monthly: January 2016

Get Started with a cPanel & WHM Free Trial

Posted by Jamison on 2016/01/15.

As the top control panel for website and hosting needs, cPanel brought all the good features clients would like to use. cPanel developers guaranteed to offer the best features for enhancing control panel experience for new and experienced users. To give potential buyers an idea about what they will get,…

Free Premium Services Offered to You by

Posted by Jamison on 2016/01/14.

cPanel remains as the largest control panel meant for website owners and hosts. With as one of its largest distributors, the company has been the top option for web owners and hosts, regardless if they are startup companies or high profile clients. One reason why clients choose BuycPanel is its…

What’s New for cPanel and WHM? CentOS 7 Support!

Posted by Jamison on 2016/01/12.

One of the best things about the people at cPanel and WHM is that they listen to what their users have to say. They understand that their loyal followers are always looking for new, improved, and updated stuff, and so, for the past months, they have been working hard to…

Time to Say Goodbye to PHP 5.4

Posted by Jamison on 2016/01/09.

Last 14th of September, 2015, a major component of cPanel reached its “End of Life” status. The PHP 5.4 bid all users a graceful goodbye, allowing for a major change to take place. This new PHP version is in the form of 5.5, which will become the default standard of…

This cPanel Tool Eliminates Spam in Your Life

Posted by Jamison on 2016/01/08.

The sad, but unfortunate truth is that, in the world of emails, spamming is inevitable. Hundreds, sometimes, even thousands of these useless mails get sent to accounts on a daily basis, causing users a lot of time and energy trying to sort out those that are really important from those…