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Monthly: December 2015

3 Server-Optimizers You Should Be Using!

Posted by Jamison on 2015/12/08.

When it comes to poor server performance, web hosting providers are not the only ones burdened: it is also a huge problem for web administrators and the end user who ends up only having a white screen to look at. Aside from bad user experience, overloads in servers also cause…

WordPress on cPanel: Best Free Themes for e-Commerce

Posted by Jamison on 2015/12/05.

Now that you have installed WordPress on cPanel you are well on your way to managing a very versatile and powerful blogging platform. But more than just blogs, news, and portfolio sites, did you know that you can use WordPress to set up an online store? With an e-commerce plugin…

Third Party e-Commerce Applications for cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 2015/12/03.

cPanel offers several e-commerce applications from third party developers. By using any of these applications, you can integrate billing and shopping cart solutions to your site within the comforts of your cPanel. The best part about using third-party applications is you don’t have to start from scratch just to enjoy…

How to Set Up Multiple Shared IPs on cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 2015/12/02.

There are many reasons why you would need multiple shared IPs on a single server. For one, when you set up multiple shared IPs, you can minimize the effects of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack by blocking off traffic to other IPs. This could work assuming the malicious attempt…

How to Recover cPanel From Crashed Hard Disk

Posted by Jamison on 2015/12/01.

A crashed hard drive is sure to drive you mad, especially if the files in the drive were not properly backed up. For web managers, this problem can also be mind-blowing especially if all the data pertaining to the website and domain in cPanel have also been compromised because of…