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Monthly: May 2015

Understand and Access a Web Disk

Posted by Jamison on 2015/05/22.

A Web Disk is a flexible type of application that enables users to navigate and pilot files on different types of electronic devices. Examples of these include mobile smart phones, a personal desktop, or other instruments of the same function depending on the users preference. Basically, it allows users to…

Benefits of an E-mail Forwarder

Posted by Jamison on 2015/05/21.

With e-mail forwarders, incoming mails can be redirected from their original address to another or several others. Technically, the terms forward, forwarder, or forwarding do not have a particular technical meaning. This is because the e-mail server has been pre-programmed by an e-mail user to re-send or re-direct e-mails as…

Set Up the Default E-mail Options

Posted by Jamison on 2015/05/19.

The default e-mail (for cPanel) or more particularly, the catchall e-mail address is a mailbox on one’s domain. Its function is to catch all the e-mails that are addressed to a domain but are not found in a mail server. Setting up a catchall address prevents losing e-mails because of…

Setting Up an Email Verification Per Email Account

Posted by Jamison on 2015/05/18.

The e-mail verification is an approach when doing some online activities. However it may sound simple, it has different meaning depending on the nature of action taken on the Internet. But regardless of its meaning, the e-mail verification serves as an extra security on the part of the e-mail account…

Managing Subdomain Redirection

Posted by Jamison on 2015/05/15.

By default, web subdomains are programmed to point to the root folder of a web hosting account. However, most web hosts nowadays already offer the option to redirect subdomains to another existing domain, even if it’s not part of the parent account. Rather than directing your site visitors a very…