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1/31/2014 – Top E-Commerce Platforms

Posted by Jamison on 31 01 2014.

E-commerce is one of the reasons why many people build websites today. They look forward to gaining an enormous amount of profit by selling items online. Whether they are into apparels, home products, or others, having an e-commerce platform makes the whole shopping process easier than usual shopping transactions.


What is an e-commerce platform?


An e-commerce platform is a complete system with cart system connected with a merchant account to process credit card payments online. The cart system makes it possible for people to save the items they want to purchase while shopping for other items. After collecting the items they need, they can check out and pay for their purchases using different payment options.


What are the top platforms used today?


Numerous e-commerce platforms are used today and many of them are highly rated by people using them. They proved its effectiveness for their business needs and made their sites lucrative sources of income for a long time. Here are some of the favorite e-commerce plugins today:




Aside from being easy to use, this e-commerce plugin is an open source platform that allows people to customize and create a helpful solution for businesses. Its open source feature helps users save money in setting their own e-commerce store. User friendly and with robust features, storeowners will surely love this plugin for their site.




WHMCS is like a complete solution for every e-commerce store. It aids in managing clients and billing for users. Signing up and customer support are also included in the plugin that lets business owners gain complete control of their stores. Licenses must be installed together with the plugin before it works.


Presta Shop


Presta Shop integrates the web 2.0 technology, which is applied on today’s websites. It operates AJAX-enabled features and guarantees seamless online shopping within the catalog. The main goal is to offer effortless shopping to visitors and convert them to buying customers crediting to the easy shopping procedures on the page.


Zen Cart


Many users rave about Zen cart as it promotes the art of e-commerce. The system is free for people to use and with simple interface that ensures easy shopping. Similarly with OpenCart, Zen cart is also an open source programs, which have been a major focus of projects among developers. Due to its easy to use features, more people are convinced to use the platform.




This open source web program was launched in 2008 and offers a powerful platform that promotes simple shopping. It operates using Zend framework and also one of the most used e-commerce plugins throughout the online industry.


Obtaining e-commerce plugins


E-commerce plugins can be obtained through different cPanel’s compatible plugins like Softaculous and other web application installers. Once installed, users can start customizing the platform and promote their site for shopping. Integrating their merchant accounts, the store will be ready to process online payments.


Many favorite e-commerce platforms are currently available for every user. Choose among these high-rated platforms to guarantee flawless operations and avoid compromising the transaction between the store and buyers.