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1/30/2014 – ClientExec and Fraud Protection

Posted by Jamison on 30 01 2014.

Fraud has been an ongoing issue in the online business world. This problem can affect everyone although the primary damage is on the account used for fraudulent activities. Luckily, e-commerce technology has improved and numerous programs are designed to protect sellers and other customers from this problem.


ClientExec’s take on protection


ClientExec, one of the plugins compatible with cPanel, comes with numerous plugins of its own that add functionalities. One of these is MaxMind, the developer’s take in fraudulent protection. It offers a wide array of technologies that ensure effectiveness. Many people already used this plugin and it worked efficiently for their businesses.


How the plugin works?


This plugin will help in preventing fraudulent activities on an e-commerce site. Once installed, it will check numerous elements and see if the account has high risk of conducting fraud. In case the account came across as something to use for fraudulent orders, the site will reject the order to avoid going through with the sales. The system is fully automated, so users don’t have to deal with problematic configurations. It will work as long as installed and won’t be a problem for newbie e-store owners.


It works as an arsenal or protection for the website as well as for the account used on page. This is an important feature to include on any e-store to protect customer’s welfare. Aside from fraud orders, it will also deal with chargebacks to guarantee the account will be safe from these activities.


What metrics used in determining fraud accounts?


Since fraud is a major issue, ClientExec developers MaxMind to use numerous metrics to ensure if the order is done by fraudulent activities or not. Commonly, plugins scan the email address used for orders or setting up accounts. However, ClientExec programmers empowered this plugin to use other metrics to guarantee the account is fraud or not. Scanned elements include IP addresses, proxy connections, location and a lot more. Every account element is rated and the plugin compares the ratings to its threshold. If the measured rating goes beyond the set threshold then it will reject the order. This serves as an effective solution for everyone having problems with potential fraud attacks.


Order validation through phone


Aside from monitoring the account metrics, the plugin can also validate the set order through phone. It can call the phone registered on the account or order to ensure the order is done with authorization.


Getting MaxMind


Obtaining MaxMind for your e-commerce site is easy. It is available through ClientExec or as add-on. This is a great investment to ensure that every order is a guaranteed order from an authentic account. Installing this plugin is also simple because of it can be integrated easily within the server.


Fraud will not only damage a victim’s account, but can also be problematic for business owners. As long as these accounts are validated through MaxMind, every purchase will go through successfully without causing problems to other people. Consider it as an investment for your business, especially if you are expanding your e-commerce site.


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