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1/29/2015 – How to Install Joomla 2.5 on cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 29 01 2015.

Planning to use Joomla to build your website but don’t have it yet on your cPanel? This tutorial will walk you through the simplest and quickest way possible on how to install Joomla 2.5. This will take a little time, but don’t worry, the entire process is just a piece of cake. Here’s how.


Create a New Database


  1. Open your cPanel account and create an empty database using the database creator. To do this, open the Databases section and look for MySQL Databases icon on the left corner of the box. This will open a Created New Database box.
  2. Enter your new database name, and then click Create Database button.
  3. On the lower right corner of the screen, you should see a Go Back button. Click it and start entering your login details such as username and password. Then click Create User.
  4. Click Go Back button and then start adding your new account to your database.
  5. Go to Manage User Privileges section and then click the small box right before All Privileges button to check every privilege offered to your account. Then click on Manage Changes.


Download Joomla on Your cPanel


  1. Go to Joomla’s official website and download Joomla 2.5. You might be thinking of using version 3.0, but (as of this article) this is not yet recommended to use on production sites so you should stick on version 2.5.
  2. Open your cPanel and look for File Manager. From there, a File Manager Directory Selection should appear. Choose Web Root and then click the Go button.
  3. When doing this, make sure that you are downloading the file to your cPanel. Usually, users make the mistake of migrating files to other folder. In this case, you should transfer the files to public_html folder. You can also download the file in your sub-directory. To do this, just copy + paste the files from public_html folder to a new folder in your sub-directory.
  4. Moving on, look for File Manager and click on the Upload button.
  5. Click Choose File (for Chrome browser) or Browse (for IE and Firefox browsers) button. This will start migrating the files.
  6. Once the installation is finished, click Back to redirect the page to the main folder of your account. Now click the Zip File icon at the upper left corner and then click the Extract button at the top right corner. Then click on the Extract File(s) button.


Run the Installer


  1. Enter to your web browser.
  2. Select a language of your choice and then click the Next button. Read the agreement then click Next. Fill up the database information and then click Next. Skip the FTP configuration screen and then click Next. Enter information on the Main Configuration page, click Install Sample Data, and then click Next.
  3. Click on the Remove Installation Folder button followed by the Administrator button at the topmost corner of the screen.


And that’s pretty much it! Now you can start building your own website without much help from the pro. With Joomla 2.5, creating beautiful websites that fit your demands is just a doodle!